What was missing from the BlackBerry Playbook announcement…

RIM announced the PlayBook today.

Three things missing from their announcement:

  1. Price
  2. A view of their virtual keyboard
  3. Storage


This will be a big thing. I’m betting with all the extra ports, the dual core processor etc, even with a smaller screen, this thing will be at a similar price point to the current iPad. I think they are putting too much into this device and by slapping an ‘enterprise ready’ sticker on it, they are telling their investors who their target market is.

Virtual Keyboard

I’ll admit I didn’t watch the announcement, but after looking through the pictures and the teaser video, I can’t see the keyboard once. It *is* mentioned on the specs page, but that is all. I’m guessing it’s final shape has not been decided or it is being given the fine tuning. Swipe?


No mention of storage, not one iota. This is actually pretty smart I think. These guys will wait and see what the iPad2 has in store, what the prices for ram is and then make their determination in 2011 Q1. But still, not even a ‘large capacity’ or anything.

I’ll be watching this one, if only because I am one of the few patriotic Canucks and I like to see the local boy do good.

One more thing, “It does Flash”

What is this, the litmus test for any consumer device now? My goodness, I grew up in a world without Flash and I made out pretty well. Flash my ass. It’s not on my iPad and I don’t miss it at all.

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